New Security Enhancements for MyMMDT Account Access

MMDT has long recognized the need to balance access and ease of use against an appropriate level of security in the design and application of our online transaction and reporting system, MyMMDT Account Access.  We constantly monitor internet-based security and integrate best practice improvements.  For this reason, beginning October 8, 2018, and continuing on a rolling basis over the next few months, you will notice new security enhancements that will change how you create and reset passwords in MyMMDT Account Access. 

Please be aware that you will not be prompted to create a new password in MyMMDT Account Access until your current password expires or is proactively reset.  New passwords will expire every 60 days.   

New Password Criteria

MyMMDT Account Access passwords will be required to meet the following minimum criteria:

  • Must be 10-15 characters in length with no spaces
  • Must contain at least three (3) of the following character types: uppercase letter, lowercase letter, number, and special character (excluding ampersand [&] and back quote [`])
  • Cannot contain your Participant ID
  • Must be different than your previous seven (7) passwords

Enhanced Security Settings

In addition to the simple security questions that are used today when creating a new or resetting a current password, you will be asked to validate your identity through a one-time authorization code sent to your registered email address. 

At MMDT, we are committed to protecting your account information and making the time you spend doing business with us as easy and secure as possible.  These enhancements conform to the latest industry security standards and are appropriate for the kind of business MyMMDT Account Access allows for over the Internet.

If you have any questions, please contact your MMDT Participant Services team at 1-888-965-MMDT (6638).   

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