New Participant Enrollment

Follow the steps below to establish a new relationship with MMDT:

  1. Complete the Designating Authorized Representatives Resolution Form.
  2. Complete a New Account Application for each account to be established.
  3. Evaluate other services offered by MMDT, such as Vendor Payments, Checkwriting, or Suspending Daily Confirmation Statements and complete the applicable forms.  Forms can be found to the right or on the Account Documents tab.
  4. Fax or mail the completed documents to the MMDT Participant Services Team at

MMDT Participant Services
P.O. Box 219712
Kansas City, MO 64121-9712

Fax:  617-235-7171

Once a Participant ID Number and Accounts have been established, the MMDT Participant Services Team will contact all new Participants. 

Please call MMDT Participant Services at 1-888-965-MMDT (6638) with any questions regarding the enrollment process.


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